Testimonials for Doug

There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves. So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs. I would be happy to email you additional testimonials if you are interested.

"From our initial meeting to closing, our home selling experience with Doug was fantastic. While we met with several realtors we were immediately impressed with Doug’s patience, professionalism, and knowledge of the real estate market, especially in the Castle Pines area. One of the realtors we met with offered a lower fee but the agent felt that our home would sell for substantially less. Though Doug’s fee was slightly higher, his preparation and effort paid off. We ended up selling our home in 15 days at our initial asking price and walked away with more money in our pocket even with the higher fee. From start to finish Doug and his staff took the time to explain the process, coordinate all the activities, and make sure we were aware of everything going on. We received excellent advice on staging the home, which was a huge factor in selling the home, and we were given ample notification of viewings. We never had to rush out the door because of a late notification. Doug and his staff prepared a website to showcase the home and walked us through all of the feedback we received from viewings. During Doug’s initial walkthrough he identified areas that required attention and would eventually help sell the home. In advance of the inspection he identified an issue with the stucco on one side of the house. This was important because it didn’t end up being a surprise at the inspection, and more importantly we had already received several quotes for repairing it. Even with some inclement weather in early spring we were able to get the stucco repaired, which was important to the buyers and helped us close quickly. When the house was put under contract Doug remained in regular contact with us and continued to help explain each step including all of the documentation. Most importantly, we felt in complete control and on top of all the important decisions. To top it all off, even after we closed Doug remained in contact. He sent us an email making sure all of our refunds including excess escrow and homeowners insurance were refunded and provided contact information for those that were still outstanding. It was a sincere pleasure working with Doug. When we decide to buy our next home my first call will be to Doug!"
        Jack & Joanna – Castle Pines

"Doug Hutchins helped us buy and sell our homes in Castle Pines. We found Doug from a neighborhood flyer that he sends periodically to his Castle Pines neighbors. We met with him after we found what we thought was the perfect home for us to buy. Doug did a market valuation, and advised us that this home may be overpriced. He said that we could make an offer, and suggested ways to put one together that would be attractive to a seller, even though it was significantly lower than his analysis (and the asking price) indicated. He suggested that we take a look at other homes in Castle Pines for comparison. Most Realtors would have helped us put together an offer, but Doug let us decide for ourselves that even though we loved this house, there was too big a gap between the asking price and the market value.

At each home that Doug showed us, he pointed out finishes that would add or detract from the value of the home, and very thoroughly helped us hone in on the right home for us. We started looking at homes more objectively and to think about the home as an investment. During our home search, Doug kept us informed with new listings that were coming on the market. Doug has been through many homes in Castle Pines and really knows the market.

We saw a Coming Soon sign at the home we eventually bought, and called Doug to set up a showing. We got in right away. When he showed us this home, Doug did not make many negative comments about the home. We again talked strategy after he did a Market Anaylsis. This time, the asking price was a good reflection of market value. We decided to make an offer and Doug used great negotiation skills with the listing agent, that resulted in us going under contract. We had a family emergency at this time, and Doug worked for us over a long weekend to get this done. He earned our trust through this process.

The negotiation process between Doug (representing our wishes) and the listing agent (representing the sellers) was contentious. However, because we were unavailable, Doug successfully handled everything. You don’t have to worry about the little things when you work with Doug. When we were finally able to be reached, Doug had done all the preliminary work and we were ready to go under contract. We found out later that we might not have come to an agreement if we had been available during the negotiation period. We feel that Doug has always been there for us. As we sit here today, we still can’t believe that this is our home! To summarize our experience with Doug, it has gone from flyer to friend."
        Brad and Mackenzie – Castle Pines

"We recently purchased a home in Castle Rock, CO and Doug Hutchins and Kevin Reidy were our Realtors. The service they provided was totally positive. We felt confident in their knowledge. Their communication with us was excellent and frequent. It was a very new experience for us to buy a home. They never made us feel inadequate and they were very good at preparing us and walking us through all the details. They paid very close attention to our needs and desires. We remain thankful to them for their honesty and their professional skill, their integrity and their sense of humor."
        Bill and Peggy – Castle Rock

"We wanted to buy a home and sell a home. We interviewed 5 other Realtors, including some friends, before Doug. We were skeptical because we found him from a flyer he sends to our neighbors. But, Doug asked us questions about the finishes in our home and came prepared by bringing a notepad that he took notes on about our home. He also brought comparables to share with us that gave us good information about how we might price our home. He made adjustment on the fly after seeing our home. His listing presentation was thorough and he clearly explained to us his comprehensive marketing plan. The other 5 Realtors we had met with all were hard salesmen. Doug was not about that. He was all about us maximizing the value of our home, with his help.

After Doug left, we both knew that we wanted to use Doug Hutchins. One of the big differences is that Doug has facts. He backs up what he says with evidence. He will not just tell you what you want to hear. And, he was not afraid to tell us what would happen if we set an asking price that was too high. Many of our friends were also moving around the same time as us, and we would look at each other several times through the process when things were not going as smoothly for them and say that maybe our friends should have used Doug.

Doug knows the real estate process, the homes and their builders, and the Castle Pines market. He knows the types of finishes homes should have at each price point. He knows the difference between a DR Horton and a semi-custom and a custom home. He has seen many of the homes in Castle Pines, and knows the neighborhoods well. This expertise translated into a good experience.

Several things stand out to us about Doug. He paid for an inspector, a stager, and a home warranty. This package made a huge difference! The inspection report let us know all about our home so that we could work on anything that was not functioning perfectly, before even going on the market. The stager made our rooms look bigger and uncluttered, so that it showed very well! We even used the home warranty when our A/C went out and the warranty that Doug paid for paid for our new unit.

We continued to have pleasant experiences with Doug throughout the process. All of our previous experiences with Realtors had ended in a rub or frustration. Doug simply does what he says that he will do, when he says he will do it. You know that Doug does a good job when your kids get excited about him coming over and showing us houses. They were sad when they realized that he would not be coming over after we moved. That says a lot!"
        Brad and Mackenzie – Castle Pines

"We worked with Doug ten years ago when we moved to Colorado and purchased a home. But when we needed to sell recently and move to Arizona for a job relocation, we decided to hire a neighborhood agent to represent us. Six months later, with a botched sale, two mortgages and a significantly lower asking price, we turned again to Doug for help.

Before we switched to Doug, our showings had slowed to a trickle and our first agent was asking us to drop the asking price another $25,000. Doug took over the listing, implemented a new marketing strategy and did not recommend a price drop. Thanks to the changes Doug made, within 2 weeks we had a buyer offering just under our asking price. This buyer had been looking in our neighborhood for weeks but had not found our home in earlier online searches because of how the home was being marketed.

Doug literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars. I only wish that we had gone to him from the start of the selling process and saved ourselves money, as well as all of that stress. Doug is by far the best real estate agent we've known. In our experience his diligence, conscientiousness and ethics are second to none."
        Becky – Arvada

"My wife and I want to expressly thank you for great and professional realtor service to us on the sale of our house combined with the purchase of our new condominium residence. As a retired corporate finance provider, I want to say that your service to us, as your clients, was as complete- and probably superior- to almost any I have witnessed in all the years of my financial career. Your attention to all aspects and details of our transaction was extraordinary. Your great preparation was certainly reflected in how quickly and efficiently our property sold. Best of all, the selling price was tops in our community for our model. Thanks for all you and your team did for us, my wife and I wholeheartedly recommend your great service."
        Kathy & Bob – Castle Pines

"Working with Doug to buy our new home in Denver was a real treat. Doug was always available to answer any questions we had, no matter how insignificant. In fact, it was obvious he never considered any question insignificant. His superior knowledge of the Denver housing market and his attention to detail were invaluable to us as we completed a cross-country move. Closing was a painless process with Doug and his team working for us. He negotiated a good closing price and made sure that all our concerns in the inspection report were addressed by the seller. And, he is still working for us, months after closing, by providing relevant information for Denver homeowners."
        Rhonda – Denver
"During our married-lifetime, my wife Joyce and I have now owned seven homes. We can state unequivocally the finest assistance and representation we have ever received in this anxiety-filled new home process was offered by Doug Hutchins and Kentwood Real Estate.

Among many qualities that have separated Doug and KRE from the others, such as market knowledge, professionalism, negotiating skills, and after-purchase follow-up, the one quality that stood foremost was his desire and willingness to accurately determine our needs. As opposed to being primarily interested in making a sale as quickly as possible, at every stage of the process, Doug and KRE asked numerous questions of us, attempting to hone in on the exact style, features, and price desired for our new home. We are glad to say after less than three days, they succeeded!

For those looking a very qualified professional realtor, we couldn't endorse Doug Hutchins and KRE more strongly."
        Scott & Joyce – Castle Rock
"When we enter this world we don’t know what kind of family we become a part of, some are well off, some struggling, some are bursting with challenges but all feel familiar. It’s all we know! This is how I would describe how I feel and felt about The Kentwood Company and Doug Hutchins.

Our relationship with Doug started back in Jan 2011. To give a little perspective I have worked with Doug on two home purchases and one home sale. I felt strongly that when it came to real-estate transactions there isn’t another person I would want to work with.

From our first interaction Doug made us feel very comfortable and in capable hands. He really took the time to understand who we were, what we were looking for and what things were important to us. This is very important when you have someone who is there to help you find arguably the most important single asset you will have.

People who have experienced buying and selling a home will understand it is not by any stretch an easy or seamless process. It takes time, many hurdles and lots of steps in the process. To those of us who don’t do this very often or maybe never before, there are lots of things you just don’t know. This is when you really need to have someone on your side, in your court and watching your back.

This is where Doug comes in. His approach and process of searching is enjoyable and effective. Once a home is selected he works diligently to get the deal agreed upon and keeps things in check until you close and are able to enjoy your new home. Don’t be fooled, Doug and his team don’t stop there. He will continue to be there for you.

It has been a pleasure of mine to speak to friends and acquaintances about the wonderful services Doug has and continues to provide. I am always looking to share this with anyone in the housing market. I am comforted to know anyone I connect with Doug will be in great hands.

When the time came for me to sell my house I knew in my heart there was only one I wanted! Doug demonstrated himself in the same manner I have come accustomed to. He worked with me to solidify our strategy and ensured all things were handled on my behalf as needed.

I mention these points because I have recently had the opportunity to work with other realtors in my new city and they don’t even come close or attempt to compare in retrospect to Doug and his team. Don’t get me wrong my new realtor is very good and competent in many ways. This brings me back to my title, “Spoiled but not rotten”.

Doug is so far ahead of the game and on top of all the aspects of this process you will have nothing to worry about. You can truly enjoy the experience and focus on your other needs knowing Doug is there helping you along.

Not only are we happy to call Doug our agent, we now considered him a close family friend."
        Steve and Marquetta – Aurora

“We originally decided to hire a local agent we knew to help us sell our home. Six months later, with a botched sale, two mortgages and a significantly lower asking price, we turned to Doug to help sell our home. Before we switched to Doug, our showings had slowed to a trickle. Doug came in and changed marketing strategies and did not recommend a price drop. Thanks to the changes Doug made, within 2 weeks we had an offer. This buyer had been looking in our neighborhood for weeks but had not found our home in earlier online searches because the home was not being marketed to the right buyer. Our first agent had planned to drop the asking price by $25,000 before we switched to Doug. Doug literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars. I only wish that we had gone to him from the start of the selling process and saved ourselves money, as well as all of that stress.”
        Mitch and Becky – Arvada
"Working with Doug and his team was great. They reached out to us with a great home that did not come up in our search, and it was perfect! Doug explained everything thoroughly as we were first time buyers. In the end, we are extremely happy in our new place, and it was an easy buying experience."
        Alison and Tim – Denver
"Doug came highly recommended to use from a close friend. We moved here from Florida and had no idea where we wanted to live. Doug was very patient with us through our home building process. His knowledge of the area and the building process were so valuable to us. We love our new home and would use Doug and his team again."
        Jason and Kelly – Parker

"Unlike any experience we’ve seen in the Denver Markets, 2014 Spring was competitive and ruthless to a seller’s advantage. We were impressed with how Doug and his staff responded timely in the fast paced market. Not only did Doug show us places right when they went on the market, he kept us informed and level headed while making quick decisions. We are ecstatic about our new home. Thank you, Doug!"
        Ethan and Kat – Denver

“Doug! Doug! Doug! You were awesome in aiding us with the sale of our home and we thank you! There were several things that stood out about the experience but first and foremost was your professionalism. Along with that professionalism came a human being that showed care and concern for your client. Thank you for being attentive to our needs. You were very responsive to our calls and questions which made us feel like we were your only clients and we know that was not the case. I have never had an agent that supplied a stager. She came to our home with the same professionalism and helped us beyond measure to show us how to present our home to go on the market. When she was done, we wanted to live there ourselves.

Doug, thank you again for making our transition one that was flawless and profitable.”
        Monica and Mark – Castle Pines

"Doug and his team represent the A-TEAM! They are the best in the country at what they do. Everything Doug and his team did to sell our home was done in a professional manner, from the elegant sign in front to staging and marketing the property. We literally sold our house in two hours. Go with Doug Hutchins as there is no one better!”
        Herb—Castle Pines


“We have lived in a number of different cities and have never worked with a better agent than Doug Hutchins. He made himself and his team available in every step of the process, from the initial search, to closing and beyond.

Being brand new to the Denver area, and only in town for a few days, Doug took the time to show us around, to educate us about Denver, its surrounding areas and all it has to offer. His knowledge from real estate to schools, places to visit to shopping, transportation to just about all things is vast and never once in the brief time that we’ve known him, did we feel pressured to buy. You could tell that he really likes what he does because he was very attentive and accommodating. He really listened to us, identified our criteria and understood our needs very early on. Because of that, he found us a home very quickly that our entire family could be happy with. And not only that, he became a trusted advisor as well and easily facilitated the purchase of our home while we were back in Boston to prepare for the move to Denver.

We have no words for improvement, just that we highly recommend him for anyone looking for a Realtor!”
        Chris and Marisa—Castle Pines


“Doug was recommended to us from a friend and client of his. After reading other testimonials, we were certain we wanted to work with Doug. He came to our home to explain what selling and buying with him would entail. Throughout the entire process, Doug made us feel like we were his only clients, providing us with both his time and attention. Upon inspecting our new home, we found some expensive fixes. Doug helped us figure out how to remedy these so both sides were comfortable. We were shocked that he would work so hard for us. Doug has not only earned our continued business, but our respect as well.”
        Tara and Brian—Castle Pines


“In our search for a home in Denver recently, our son, who lives there, initiated an association with Doug Hutchins as our Realtor/Broker. Our relationships with Doug proved to be a positive and rewarding experience. Doug and his associate, Leslie Monaco, worked diligently to assist us in finding just the right property for our needs. Doug kept us informed of all contract obligations and provided us with the tools to understand our responsibilities in the process. Doug always made himself available to discuss any questions/issues that were of concern to us. My husband, Scott and I highly recommend Doug for his professionalism and his development of a home buying partnership.”
        Scott and Debra—Denver


“Doug has helped us with three transactions in five years. He’s been nothing but professional, informative and wonderful! He has guided us through the processes patiently and has helped us as we’ve encountered unexpected situations. We respect his unlimited knowledge of the process and the community.”
        Mike and Mary—Castle Pines


“When we had to sell our house and move due to a job relocation, our first choice was Doug. He worked closely with us on all aspects of our sale, frequently updating us via email, well past business hours. Doug went above and beyond for us when our sale hit a few snags, even though he has many other clients he works for as well. We are extremely satisfied with Doug’s work on our behalf and highly recommend him…there is no one better!”
        Pat and Jennifer—Thornton


“I had no idea where to start when I wanted to buy a house. Doug was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. We looked at umpteen amounts of houses and through it all, Doug was pleasant and patient in finding me my perfect house. The buying process on my house was a wreck and an emotional roller coaster, but Doug stayed calm and collected toward me through this difficult time. He walked me through the entire process, and was ever patient. I will not use anyone else for future real estate needs and have already told my friends how wonderful he made the home buying experience.”
        Holly and Philip—Aurora


“It was a pleasant experience having you represent us in the sale of our home in Castle Pines, Colorado. You kept us informed of the buyer’s activities and provided us with valuable information on vendor needs. Betty and I were 100% satisfied with your performance and would gladly recommend you to friends and neighbors in the greater Castle Rock area who are looking or thinking about buying or selling their home. Thank you again.”
        Joseph and Betty—Castle Pines


“In the past 12 years, I think I have closed on more real estate transactions and dealt with more Realtors than most people do in a lifetime! I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever met or worked with a Realtor who I truly believed brought real value to the transaction…that is until I worked with Doug! Thank you Doug for all you did for us during the transaction. You went far above and beyond the call of a typical Realtor. You are a good negotiator and stayed on top of everything. Needless to say, I look forward to working with you on future transactions.”
        Paul and Missy – Castle Rock


“As first-time buyers, new to the Denver area we were intimidated and overwhelmed by the house hunting and home buying process. Doug and his partner Leslie eased many of our fears and navigated us through the entire process. Doug was honest and helped us perform a few “reality checks” along the way to ensure we were prioritizing the right items. He provided school data, resale data, HOA information and an abundance of other information we had neither the time nor desire to research, but was important to know. In the end, after 2.5 months of looking in a very competitive market, we closed on the perfect home for our family. We cannot thank Doug and his team enough for all their work to ensure a smooth relocation to CO.”
        Ian and Jodie – Highlands Ranch


“To draft a testimonial for Doug Hutchins…where to even begin? Perhaps the first place to begin is with a challenge; specifically, I would challenge anyone to find a better Realtor than Doug anywhere in the United States. Being in Human Resources, and having been associated with over 300 employee relocations in my career (where I think I have heard just about every Realtor experience imaginable), I can unequivocally state that I have not seen, heard of, or experienced a Realtor better than Doug Hutchins.

From our initial conversation (where Doug spent approximately one hour just learning about me, my family and our needs) to investing significant time in the house-hunting process all the way through closing, Doug was with us every step of the way going above and beyond the call of duty. But it didn’t stop there! Doug is serious when he mentions a relationship for life, as he has continued to provide my family with guidance and support. And his Customer Appreciation Program is just one example of the exemplary level of service that Doug provides.

I think it is also worthwhile to mention that Doug made our specific relocation incredibly stress-free from his end. And as a point of comparison which only magnifies Doug’s professionalism, kindness, knowledge, organization and service, I will say this: had our relocation manager and Realtor back home provided us with even half the service that Doug provided, I would have been ecstatic beyond words.

For me and my family, the standard for Realtors has now been set: Doug Hutchins. He truly has a passion for excellence which will be seen in every thing he says and does. A relationship with Doug will only lead to satisfaction, gratitude, humility and a standard of excellence for the rest of your life.”
        Phil and Melissa – Castle Rock


“Thank you so much Doug for the excellent service that you provided in selling my home and assisting me in purchasing a new home. Doug’s hard work paid off when my home went under contract within 8 days from listing and sold at a higher price than expected. His diligence in sending me homes within the exact criteria saved me hours of searching time. The best part is that with his negotiation skills my appraisal came in $20,000 above my purchase price.”
        Lorna – Littleton


“Doug Hutchins was an excellent realtor for us when buying a home in Castle Pines North Colorado; and when selling the same home due to a job change a few years later. Doug was tireless in showing us many houses before we made our decision; and he worked very hard in a difficult market when we chose to sell. His advice was sound and he has a very professional manner. It is obvious that he enjoys his work and he is excellent at what he does.”
        Ed and Deborah – Castle Pines


“For us, Doug is a phenomenal Realtor. We could not have asked for anything more and I can’t think of a single thing he missed or could have done better for us. We were new to the house-buying process here in the U.S. Doug put us completely at ease with his expertise and fantastic knowledge of the community in which we were seeking to buy our home. He worked to our schedule, was extremely responsive to our needs, questions or concerns and addressed all of the little details that take the stress out of home buying. Doug absolutely looked after our interests at every step of the way, not to mention a clever strategist and negotiator when it came to closing the deal. It’s easy to see why most of Doug’s business comes from referrals and we would not hesitate to work with him again.”
        Paul and Montse – Castle Pines


“Our experience with Doug Hutchins was superb! Doug is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Having him lead the way in our house-hunt was a pleasant undertaking during a somewhat stressful time. Doug’s knowledge of the area and his candor were greatly appreciated. Doug understands the buyer and works diligently – especially handling a lot of little details for us that we had not even considered. Doug is pleasant to work with, diligent in his service to his clients and knowledgeable in every aspect of buying a house. One aspect that we admire and respect most is Doug’s sincerity. This created a trust factor critical to the home-buying process. As we enjoy our new home, we have complete peace of mind knowing that we made what for us was the best possible purchase. We are so glad we had Doug working for us and will definitely recommend him to friends and co-workers.”
        Tim and Amy – Castle Pines


“Doug was very helpful and patient with me and my house search. I started my search with Doug before I moved to Denver and he helped me learn the neighborhoods both from a property value perspective and driving around the city. Real Estate is all about location, location, location and when I couldn’t decide which specific neighborhood, Doug put me right in between LoDo, Cherry Creek and Washington Park. Doug took the time to understand the type of house I wanted and prioritized them on our search. It is not easy to find a house with all the characteristics that you want when it was built in the early 1900’s but Doug helped me find the one and introduced me to inspectors and mortgage brokers to get it done without a hassle. Thanks again Doug!”
        Trent – Denver


“Our recent home sales experience with Doug Hutchins as our realtor was outstanding. Doug’s pricing advice during a difficult and changing real estate market was spot on. We were very pleased with the high level of his attention during a slow sales period and he constantly showed his commitment to selling our home and keeping us informed of the status. Doug has a very strong team behind him and a great process for keeping buyers interested in your home. He went well beyond what he committed to in order to sell our home. Finally, Doug was instrumental in ensuring once we had an offer on the property that we got through the inspection and closing without any hitches. We would recommend Doug’s services to all of our friends, not only as an expert for the Castle Pines North area, but also because of his tenacity, perseverance and integrity in getting to a successful sale.”
        Michael and Diane – Castle Pines


“We really appreciated Doug’s kind and efficient service in the sale of our property in Denver. At a time when sales were slow in a market flooded with foreclosures, Doug never gave up. Doug’s efforts paid off with a sale in record time considering the circumstances. Thank you!!”
        Jonathan & Alice – Denver


“Doug was a pleasure to work with. He knows the entire Denver metro area well, and was very helpful to someone new to the state. He was great with the final walk through and closing. He even sent me paperwork necessary for the IRS. I would recommend Doug to anyone – and I have. He’s very professional – it’s obvious he enjoys what he does.”
        Robin – Arvada


“We used two different real estate agents when we bought and then sold our home in Florida. When we bought our new home here in Denver the quality of service Doug provided us was much better than our other two agents combined. Doug was always available and responded to our questions promptly. He was never late and never canceled and appointments with us. He provided us with a higher quality of service than we have experienced in any other service oriented business. If/when we purchase another property we will definitely want Doug to be our agent again. We could not give Doug a higher recommendation.”
        Charles & Eylene - Superior


“Our experience with Doug Hutchins during our relocation to Denver was one of the most pleasant experiences for my family and me. We moved here from California and looking back now we realized that Doug made our transition easier than we had expected. He was attentive to our needs and wants during our house hunting. Doug is well experienced and after just one conversation knew exactly what my husband and I were looking for in a home. Doug even left a great impression with the sales office of the homebuilder we purchased our home from. I would highly recommend Doug to family and friends for his great experience, professionalism and attentiveness to his clients needs. I look forward to doing business again with Doug in the future.”
        Ruben & Rebecca – Parker


“Doug made our home buying experience enjoyable and stress-free. He made himself available to work around our schedule. And because of this we were able to find the exact home to meet our needs of our family. We’ve already recommended him to friends who are ready to buy! We love our new house!”
        Shawn & Amy – Castle Rock


“Doug is one of the most conscientious realtors we have worked with throughout many years of buying and selling homes. We had to move to Denver for my husband’s new job and we had only 30 days to sell our house in another state and find a home in Colorado. Doug was highly recommended by my husbands new employer. Doug spent 2 ½ days constantly helping us find a new home. He constantly communicated with us prior to our move to the house we finally bought. He was with us throughout the entire closing. He also provided a useful guide regarding the Denver economy, schools, etc.”
        Karen – Thornton


“My Husband and I moved from Chicago to Denver and Doug was highly recommended to us by two of his former clients. Doug has a wealth of information about the Denver area, the builders, the history and future plans around every residential opportunity. He spent as much time as was needed finding the home we were imagining – listening carefully to which features we liked or disliked about all the properties he showed us. He found the home we described and then walked us through the entire process. We have bought and sold in the past, but I have never known a realtor to be present during the entire home inspection. He even sent us the minutes of the HOA meetings. Doug was always our advocate and I felt we had “a friend in the business” we love our home. My sister and our best friends are seriously considering moving to Denver, and because of our experience with Doug, he will be their realtor.”
        Janice – Littleton


“Doug was the most helpful and attentive before, during and after my real estate purchase. He was prompt in answering all my calls and guided me through the complicated process step-by-step. He still stays in touch and is helpful when I have a question, even though he is not directly involved with a transaction.”
        Max – Denver


“As a person inexperienced in the real estate market and all the elements involved, I was a little anxious about the process. Doug provided me information and assistance in every aspect inherent in the logistics of home ownership. His knowledge of real estate business and associated transaction was meticulous. I highly recommend Doug as a real estate agent and will refer him to family, friends and acquaintances looking for a property to buy.”
        Charliss – Broomfield


“Doug was recommended to me by a friend, and it was good advice. Doug is easily the best Realtor I have ever dealt with. He worked very hard to help me find and purchase a house. My home search was a lengthy one, and Doug was very patient and helpful through it all. He provided me with very thorough information and good advice at every step of the home buying process. I heavily recommend Doug to anyone who is buying for selling a house.”
        Joe – Littleton


“Prior to buying our home, we had become very leery of Realtors, due to some previous experiences. From the first time we spoke with Doug Hutchins, we were impressed with his professionalism and his capabilities. However, it wasn’t until later we learned just how much Doug strives to go to the extra mile, far exceeding any and all of our expectations. We had a difficult home purchase to negotiate from out of state, and it would have been nightmarish, if not impossible without Doug’s expertise, hard work, and advocacy on our behalf. If there’s any possibility you’ll be hiring a Realtor, you’ll be doing yourself a tremendous favor by going with Doug”
        Donovan and Janette - Denver


“Doug has helped our family buy two homes in the past two years. In both cases he was patient, positive and supportive in guiding us through the process and served as an advocate for our interests, making sure any concerns or questions we had were addressed. At the closing of our last purchase, the seller and his Realtor were so impressed by Doug, that they both made a point of telling us what great representation he had provided for us.”
        Scott and Monica – Lakewood


“Working with Doug was an absolutely wonderful experience. His expertise and knowledge of the real estate market was top notch. He not only met our needs, but exceeded our expectations throughout the process. After learning what type of home we desired, he would preview homes for us and either eliminate or recommend them to us. Doug was extremely easy to work with and was always pleasant, professional, flexible, prompt with returning e-mails and phone calls; and thorough in helping to meet our needs. We have nothing but good things to say about Doug, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.”
        Pete and Lori – Parker


“My experience with Doug was most wonderful. He worked diligently to meet my needs. Doug is the best Realtor I have ever worked with.”
        Kristi – Denver


“We were very pleased with Doug. In all phases of the home-buying process, he was right there to help. From searching for and inspecting homes, to the financing and closing; Doug was very knowledgeable and informative. He was instrumental in helping us in our purchase, which we love! We would definitely work with Doug again if the opportunity presents itself and we recommend him very highly!”
        Mike and Cheryl – Englewood


“I was a first-time home buyer and my experience with Doug was wonderful. I was a little scared but he always let me know what' was going on and is very knowledgeable at what he does. Anything you need he helps you with and is there 100%!”
        Alexandra – Lakewood


“Doug is a consummate professional. He is very knowledgeable with real estate transactions, but excels at explaining and addressing the complicated financial aspects of our purchases. We used Doug to buy 2 properties and in both occasions he exceeded our expectations. He cares about the people he represents and works very hard to protect their interests.”
        Anthony and Sue – Denver


“Everybody I know who uses Doug says they will never go with anyone else again and I feel the same. The level of service, knowledge, ability and business sense that he brings to the table are unrivaled. I tell my friends they'd be crazy to go with anyone else.”
        Diane – Denver


“We had to relocate out of state for work on short notice. Doug did an amazing job of selling our house quickly and for a price that was good given the time of year and the state of the economy. We’ve worked with a number of Realtors over the years and Doug is far and away the best. His knowledge of the market, attention to detail, and professionalism are extraordinary. Doug made what could have been a very stressful situation a great experience! If we needed a Realtor again, we would use Doug in an instant.”
        Doug and Jean – Broomfield


“This was our 2nd time using Doug to purchase a home and our 1st time using him to sell. Selling and buying a home at the same time can be very stressful, but Doug’s dedication and great service made it easy for us. He was always available to answer questions and take our calls. Doug worked diligently so that we got the best deal possible on both ends of the transaction. We’ve recommended him several times and will continue to do so.”
        Shawn and Amy – Castle Rock


“Our experience with Doug was absolutely wonderful. He is the most professional Realtor we ever had. His knowledge of homes, skills of negotiating deals and patience with clients highly exceeded our expectation. We would definitely work with Doug again and recommend him to anyone without hesitation.”
        Dan and Vivien – Greenwood Village


“I was first made aware of Doug by a coworker; he was her buyer’s agent for her home purchase. She told me that I should talk to Doug as he worked hard for her. Doug knew it would be awhile before we were in the market. Still he arranged a meeting with my wife and I immediately. Beyond doing what we expect of an excellent Realtor (arranging showings, running stats, etc), at closing, he tenaciously went about allaying our fears of losing our contract on our dream home (the seller wanted to close in two weeks). Coupling his work ethic with Leslie’s (his assistant) energy and they are diabolical!”
        Curt and Sandi – Lakewood


“Our buying experience with Doug Hutchins has been the best we have ever had with a Realtor. We have been through this process many times in several states and this particular time our buying took ten months as we were selling another home in another state. Doug’s patience was the same showing the last home as it was showing the first. We ran into some very complicated real estate challenges due to offering on some short sales and foreclosures and ended up purchasing where the HOA was very complex. In every situation Doug covered us by reading through stacks of paperwork in an effort to protect our financial interest and help us make the right decision. Doug put his own interest in making a sale second to our financial protection by pointing out some facts that we needed to consider on each potential home. By the end of the process we were so appreciative of Doug’s attention to detail, loyalty to his clients, and devotion to our successful purchase that we would not consider using another Realtor in the future. He and Leslie, his assistant, are absolutely top notch at customer service.”
        Bart and Sherri – Highlands Ranch


“Doug was consistent and persistent during a challenging real estate market. He was helpful and always had a strategy or idea for the next step.”
        Trent - Denver


“I was highly impressed with the level of service I received from Doug Hutchins. My family and I were relocating from overseas and were in a time crunch to find a home so that we could register our children in school. Doug was very attentive to our needs, and extremely knowledgeable about the area as well as structural questions about the properties. I felt that Doug was very reliable and honest in his opinions. Compared to other Realtors I have worked with in the past I felt that Doug was very sincere in his efforts to find us the right house.”
        Dino - Highlands Ranch


“Doug Hutchins and Leslie Monaco were very professional from the beginning to the end of our home buying process. They helped us meet all deadlines that came up during the closing process of our new home. Anytime we had a question their response was quick and accurate. Since we are new to the area they have helped us settle into the community as smoothly as possible.”
        Ken and Paula - Castle Rock


“My new wife Megan and I enlisted Doug to help us find our first home in a popular area of Denver. We instantly developed a great report with Doug as he had prior success assisting my parents find an income property. Despite the fact that buying in the neighborhood was very competitive, Doug and his assistant were key in getting us into an amazing home under market value by being responsive, patient, insightful and ethical. Thank you for all your hard work!”
        Chad and Megan - Denver


“This is the second time Doug has helped us in finding a home and both times we have been very pleased with his services. Doug is very knowledgeable, professional and showed a genuine interest in finding us the right home.”
        Dino and Melissa - Highlands Ranch


“Working with Doug was great! He really listened to what we were looking for. He was very detailed, honest and knowledgeable. Doug went way above our expectations.”
        Michelle and Porter - Castle Pines


“Working with Doug was a true pleasure. We found Doug very professional and thorough. His pre-listing information and research regarding the local economy, schools and other home sales information provided us with information which helped us in the marketing of our Lakewood home. Our home was listed in the MLS on a Thursday, the sign went up on Friday and we received a contract on Sunday. His follow up with the other Realtor was fast and efficient. He communicated with us every step of the way even after the closing. I will use Doug for our next real estate need and would recommend him to anyone interested in selling or buying a home.”
        Gary and Char - Lakewood


“My husband and I have purchased several homes over the years and no Realtor has ever come close to delivering the service that Doug has. He has ruined us for using any other real estate agent! His expertise in his chosen areas is excellent and his ability in his field is exceptional. He could answer our questions about the area, schools, how HOA’s worked, etc. If he didn’t know something he would find out immediately and get back to us promptly. We ended up purchasing a home that was basically a “for sale by owner” and the Seller’s didn’t know what they’d gotten themselves into. Doug stepped up and helped them as well as us. Though he didn’t have to. As a result we are settling into our new home. We’d never use anyone else besides Doug Hutchins.”
        Beth and James – Highlands Ranch


“Doug did a stupendous job!!! Showings were planned, scheduled and conducted to fit our very tight schedule on a very snowy day. Doug stayed on top of the loan application process and kept everyone moving toward the scheduled closing date. When the loan process hit a major roadblock, Doug was instrumental in finding a second lender and pushed us to a closing date that was even on a tighter schedule.”
        Phil – Aurora

“Doug was our 2nd real estate agent. He was extremely competent and professional. Originally a daunting experience, he made searching for a new home enjoyable. I had just gotten out of the hospital and Doug helped us find a new home in under a month. His understanding of the area, the builders and the actual construction of the homes was very, very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone."
        Richard and Tara - Highlands Ranch

“To start off, Doug is the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. He is the most friendly, helpful and professional partner (we felt he was in this process with us). He goes above and beyond what is required to get the deal done, by adding his extra touches and knowledgeable insight that made us more confident in our decision. Besides providing excellent client services he can provide profound insight and knowledge in all financial matters on any real estate transaction. This is due to this financial expertise. He will review, analyze and explain all financial aspects of the transaction and demonstrates the patience to ensure we understood it all.”
        Anthony and Sue – Denver


“Thank you for making a painful process (selling a home in a down market during off season) less painful. I appreciated your honesty and directions in advising us in what work we should complete prior to listing the house. It was a lot of effort and more dollars than we anticipated but it clearly paid off in selling the house in a quick time frame. We really appreciated having the house inspected before listing because it gave us an idea of what needed to be repaired vs. minimal picky items. This also gave us an opportunity to solicit bids for the work needing repairs and saved us a $15K concession when the work the buyer wanted done was minimal. In addition, your expertise helped close the deal. The buyer proposed an outlandish offer and you were able to work them up to a reasonable offer (96% of asking price). You also helped us price the house right for a quick sale, which we appreciate. Since we were carrying the costs. You made us evaluate what would happen when we priced the home right vs. an inflated price. It was a pleasure working with you.”
        Margaret and Kevin – Littleton


“Actions speak louder than words and this is our THIRD time using Doug Hutchins to represent us in a real estate transaction! We initially used Doug in selling and purchasing a home in 2003. Subsequent to that, we moved out of state for over 7 years. During that time, Doug made it a point to stay in touch via phone calls, mailers and even invitations to his annual Rockies Games! When we decided to move back to the Denver area, there was no doubt that we would use Doug Hutchins as our Realtor.

Doug far-surpasses his peers in his experience, professionalism, knowledge of the industry, attentiveness, patience, and accessibility. He makes it a point to understand what you are looking for in a purchase with regard to location, schools, layout, lot, etc. and thoroughly scours his database for properties which meet those criteria. Doug understands what impacts property values and more than once pulled together detailed analysis of comparables as we were trying to make our decision on which property to submit an offer.

While all of the above are great qualities that you would want in any Realtor, above all, Doug is ethical. It’s only natural for him to have the interest of his client, not his, as his number one priority.

In a tumultuous real estate market where transactions have slowed considerably, we never once felt rushed to put forth an offer on a house. When we finally did make an offer, we were thankful we had Doug to guide us through the closing process. We went under contract on a house that was in foreclosure and it was not the “cleanest” of transactions and feel that Doug was integral in negotiating the below market price and closing the deal.

Doug was more than a Realtor to us during the process, he was a trusted advisor and we were grateful to have him on our side. We are happy to recommend Doug to anyone looking for a Realtor!”
        Tom and Lorna – Castle Pines


Doug Hutchins is an amazing professional. He kept us informed of the process during the preparation, viewing and sale of our home. We were extremely pleased with the level of service and commitment to selling our home for top dollar. He attended to our needs in a timely manner and even before most were anticipated. He is extremely knowledgeable about the market and the Castle Pine North community. We highly recommend him.”
        Steven and Barbara – Castle Pines


“We had a very positive and professional experience. Doug showed us the properties that met our needs. He showed us properties that met our budget. We were an out of state buyer and he earned our confidence. We would recommend Doug as a Realtor to any prospective buyer."
        Charles and Shirley - Denver


"We recently moved from Kansas to Colorado for Jim’s job. This was a stressful move as the kids and I stayed in Kansas to sell our house while Jim was already in Colorado for work. Doug made the whole process of buying our home wonderful. Starting with what area we wanted to live in through the closing and beyond. He was always quick to respond when we had a question and provide us with all the information we needed to make the right decisions. He took care of everything we needed through the home buying process so we didn’t have to worry about a thing. After the closing he sent us a list of names and numbers of contractors and companies in the area. Since we are new to the area this was a great help. We love our new home and the neighborhood. I can’t say enough great things about Doug and Leslie and the service they gave us. Anyone can sell houses not everyone is a Great Realtor!"
        Jim and Rhonda – Castle Rock