Client Appreciation Program

Benefits of being a CAP member:
  • Change of address postcards—To send to your family and friends with your new address
  • Return Address LabelsFor your new home
  • Annual Past Client Appreciation Event—You and your family will be invited to this event.
  • Doug’s preferred contractors*—A complete list of the contractors that either my clients or I have worked with in the past and received excellent service
  • Quarterly Newsletter—Sent directly to you with current Denver market stats, market updates and other real estate market information
  • Complimentary Consulting*—You are entitled to one hour per year of real estate consulting at no charge (ie. what home improvements will add value to your home.)
  • Annual CMA on your home*—A complete comparable market analysis which can be used for any purpose such as insurance valuation, estate purposes, real estate tax assessment disputes, or market valuation.
  • Family Photo Coupons—Receive a coupon for a free sitting fee for a professional family photo in your new home (a $100 value)
  • Homeowner’s Tax Sheet—This form will help you keep track of the basis of your home and can save you tax dollars when you sell your home by minimizing the gain
  • Household Inventory Checklist—This checklist will give you a physical and visual record of your personal belongings that can be invaluable if you sustain a loss due to burglary, fire, or natural disaster and to have if your need to file an insurance claim.
  • Refinancing Analysis*—I will quickly tell you the viability of refinancing your home, what you’ll save and how long it will take to recapture the costs of refinancing. I will also make recommendations for securing the proper financing
  • Mortgage Accelerator—I can show you how to save significant interest and shorten the term of your fixed rate mortgage by making regular additional payments
  • Free Notary Service—Offered during regular business hours. Please call ahead to verify availability of notaries.
  • Help Lower Tax Assessment*—I will provide you an overview of the process to challenge your tax assessment and provide comparable sales to support your position
  • Periodic Maintenance Reminders—I will send you email reminders to change HVAC filters, batteries in smoke and CO2 detectors, etc.

* Services performed upon request